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Widely regarded as one of the best equipped Pressure die-casting facilities in India, we pride ourselves on offering the very best technology, wherever possible to streamline our processes and maximize the consistent quality of our work. Matchwell Diecasters delivers high quality pressure die cast parts and components in Aluminium alloys & Zink alloys. 

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Matchwell Diecasters understands that original equipment manufacturers need proven processes, high quality and reliable products. When your product design specialists collaborate with our process design specialists, we achieve success at minimum cost. That's why OEMs partner with Matchwell to incorporate value engineering into every project design.

  • - Intricate Geometry
  • - High-Speed Production
  • - High Repeatability
  • - Low "Cost per Part"

As die casting engineering specialists, we also offer complete CAD engineering, tooling design and construction and quality casting.

In-House Tooling, Design and Construction

Matchwell offers complete in-house tooling design and construction for high-pressure aluminum die casting. With the complex geometry, metallurgy and physics involved in tooling construction, it's no wonder that OEMs rely on Matchwell.

We provide complete design with CAD engineering, select the best materials, utilize CNC machining technology and specify the highest quality tooling construction practices. Our team has over 100 years of combined total toolmaking and die repair experience, and 25 years of die design knowledge. For tooling designed to deliver quality, contact the specialists… Matchwell Diecasters.

Quality Casting

Matchwell Diecasters is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 company that offers dependable quality castings, value-added services and customer care. Our quality management system encompasses all of our manufacturing and customer service programs. We fully document our practices and processes with complete documented information available for your inspection.

  • - ISO 9001:2015 Registered
  • - SPC (Statistical Process Control), Capabilities
  • - Continuous Improvement Philosophy
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