With over two decades experience, Matchwell’s management and skilled workforce provide components of the highest standards from within a complete in-house manufacturing facility. From concept design, through production, to demanding delivery schedules, we provide cost effective products with engineering excellence.


Continual investment in high pressure diecasting technology has kept Matchwell Diecasters at the forefront of the industry in terms of process capability. Our modern foundry operates machines manufactured by some of the renowned in the industry for their superior engineering quality and reliability. Our average machine tonnage range has increased over the years and more and more of our customers are seeking larger lock force range components.


Our in-house Tool Room is fully equipped and our skilled tool makers have decades of experience to provide our customers with the very best results. Be-spoke tool design includes the provision of CAD/CAM 3D design software ensuring inefficiencies in tool design are eradicated before manufacture. We enjoy working closely with customers on prototype, sampling and product development, ensuring savings in both tooling and component manufacturing costs are achieved from the start.


Matchwell in-house Tool Room is fully equipped for making tools, dies, jigs, assembly rigs and inspection fixtures. The manufacture and maintenance of tools, dies and molds can all be achieved using both traditional and CNC machining centers with our skilled tool makers who have the expertise to achieve precision engineered results.


CNC Machining

We offer a wide range of machining services from conventional methods to full CNC machining on multi axis machines.

The benefits of using CNC machining include:

Shorter Lead Times

Single sourced Cast-Machined-Finish complete parts.

Minimise production costs

Repeatable product quality

Jigs and fixtures made in-house.

Complex components in Large or small batches.

SPM Machining:

Special Purpose Machines are developed at Matchwell to perform specific work.

We offer a wide range of machining services on SPM.

The benefits of using SPM machining include:

Shorter Lead Times

Minimize production costs

Repeatable product quality

Complex components in Larger batches.


We have a wide range of metal finishing processes standard to the industry all under one roof that includes surface treatment and powder coating facilities. We use leading brand equipment and consumables to achieve a consistent surface finish of the highest standards expected by our customers. The texture and appearance of the finished product is just as important as to ensure the long term durability of the part. In addition we can arrange for off-site finishes with our local contracts for Polishing, Anodizing, Heat Treatment and Impregnation.


Matchwell Diecasters has also developed in-house component assembly facilities. We assemble components in-house at our assembly facility, wherever required.


Matchwell Diecasters is equipped with Leak Testing facilities. We perform Leak testing of components/ assemblies prior to dispatch, where applicable. We use leading brand equipment and consumables to achieve a consistent leak testing requirement to the highest standards expected by our customers.


CMM Measurements:

We have a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) at our Chakan plant for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of its machined components. Our CMM is manually controlled by an operator and 3D measurements are performed as per the needs.

Other Measurements:

We also have others Measuring Machines such as Profile Projector, Spectro Analyser, Rapid-I & Digital Height Gauges for measuring physical & Chemical characteristics of our components.

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