Creating Success Stories through Unmatched Engineering Excellence

Armed with over two decades of proven industry experience, Match-Well is home to a seasoned team of management and professionals with sound domain expertise. Their collective expertise enables us to provide a wide array of world-class die cast components at a competitive price and on-time.

We stringently follow a 3-step process to deliver superior quality products.

  • Concept Design
  • Production
  • On-time Delivery

To consistently deliver superior quality die cast components, we follow 8-step process.

Die Designing

In-house Tool Room is equipped with latest technology and our expert tool makers bring their decades of industry experience to offer the unmatched results. Our bespoke tool design includes the CAD/CAM/ Mould flow analysis softwares for eliminating inefficiencies in Tool Design before manufacturing. We take pleasure in collaborating with our customers on prototype, sampling, product redevelopment. This ensures improved savings in both tooling and manufacturing costs from the outset.

Die Manufacturing

Match-Well’s In-house Tool Room is state-of-the-art for manufacturing tools, dies, jigs, assembly jigs and inspection fixtures. We deploy our expert tool makers, who use traditional and modern CNC machining centers, for manufacturing and maintenance of tools, dies and moulds with engineering precision.

High Pressure Die Casting

We have acquired the unmatched expertise in casting metal under high pressure and temperature over the years. Since inception, we have been consumed by our passion for High Pressure Die Casting. This has helped us acquire the leading-edge in the industry. And this is possible with our state-of-the-art machines manufactured by some of the industry heavyweights, renowned for their superior engineering quality and formidable reputation.
We have consistently demonstrated our engineering excellence in High Pressure Die Casting projects. It has endeared us to our loyal customer base. Today, we have achieved the production capacity of melting 1500 tonnes in Aluminum Alloy and 200 tonnes in Zinc Alloy, producing 35 million castings in Aluminum Alloy and 5 million castings in Zinc Alloy per annum.


Now you can easily choose from our wide range of metal finishing processes standard to the industry, including surface treatment and powder coating facilities. We deploy branded equipments and consumables to achieve consistent surface finish on par with global standards to drive customer delight. We believe that the texture and appearance of the finished product is just as important to ensure the long term durability of the part. Moreover, we can arrange for off-site finishes with our local contractors for polishing, anodizing, heat treatment and impregnation.

Vibro & Leak Testing

Match well Die Casters has fully equipped Leak Testing facilities in place. Components or Assemblies are subjected to Leak Testing wherever applicable before they are dispatched. We deploy branded equipments and consumables to adhere to global leak testing standards to drive customer satisfaction.


At Match-Well, we deploy two types of machines for delivering superior quality components.

CNC Machining

We provide a wide array of machining services deploying conventional methods and full CNC machining of multi-axis machines. It comes with various benefits.

  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Singly sourced Cast-Machined-Finish complete parts
  • Minimize Production Costs
  • Consistent Product Quality
  • In-house Manufacturing of Jigs and Fixtures
  • Delivering Complex Components in Small and Large Batches

SPM Machining

Special Purpose Machines are designed and developed in-house at Match-Well to execute specific tasks. We provide a complete bouquet of machining services on SPM. It offers distinct benefits.

  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Minimize Production Costs
  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Delivering Complex Components in Large Batches

Surface Treatment

We have installed a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) at our Chakan plant for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of its machined components. It is operated manually by an operator. 3D measurements are taken as per requirement.
In addition, we also have installed other measurement machines including Profile Projector, Spectro Analyser, Rapid-I and Digital Height Gauges for measuring physical and chemical characteristics of our components.

Components Assembly

Match-well Die Casters has developed and installed in-house component assembly facilities to assemble the components as per requirement.